Functional Automation Solution for Directorate of Economics and Statistics of a State Govt.

SIRIUS Overview

Comprehensive Data Collection System

Sirius is a web-based system that covers the core functional areas of the Department of Economics and Statistics. The objective is to have an integrated MFP Solution with Metrics and Business Intelligence aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Macroeconomic projections aim to predict and understand the future state of the economy on a broad scale. They include information related to economic growth, inflation, wages, unemployment and trade.

Solution Highlights

Custom mobile app streamlines data collection, improves data quality, captures SDG-linked KPIs, aids financial planning, and budget allocation.

Data Collection at the Field is facilitated through a custom-made mobile application.

Auto alerts on major variation of values at regional level, ensuring the Quality of Data gets improved significantly.

Through surveys, the system captures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Schemes linked to various Goals & Targets of SDG.

The data based on the KPIs is made available to the respective Scheme Administrators/ Implementing Agency/ Directorates/ Departments.

Effective Data Analytics/ Projections ensures effective Financial/ Scheme Planning.

Helps the Finance Department decide on effective Budget Allocation while preparing the Annual Budget for the next Financial Year.

Unified State Financial Solutions

    • Survey of Economic Indicators
    • Price Statistics
    • Agricultural Statistics
    • Industrial Statistics
    • Mobile Application for capturing the field level data along with the GIS details.
    • Data Analytics
    • MIS and Dashboard

Salient Features

  • Centralized & Web Based Solution that captures the complete and authentic field level data.
  • Value-Added modules that ensure effectiveness and data accuracy
  • Built on Open Technologies
  • Huge Amount of Data is Digitized avoiding the wastage of reams of paper
  • Easy & seamless integration with external applications
  • Graphical Interpretation of utilization and performance of various sectors that affects the economy