Bringing Consistency to the process of Audit

AIMS is a comprehensive solution that aids in automating the audit related functions of the organization. It provides an end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle by facilitating easy preparation of audit plan and audit report, approval of audit plan and audit report, audit monitoring etc. It also has the facility to prepare charge/ surcharge proposals, notices, certificates etc.

AIMS Overview

An Extensive and Standardized Audit Management System

AIMS consolidates all the Audit information needs of a government into one information database. It provides greater transparency into the operations and more timely reporting of concerns. The solution consists of automated collection of audit evidence and indicators with an automated feedback mechanism for management to ensure that the audit activities are completed within the stipulated time. It also helps enhance auditor capabilities and ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations.

Solution Highlights

Enhanced audit efficiency through real-time monitoring, communication, and streamlined processes, reducing effort and ensuring timely closure.

Real time, up to date information on the progress of Audit across the state.

Establishes an efficient communication medium between Auditee Institutions and the Department.

Overall man month effort in completing an audit cycle got significantly reduced.

Corrections of Audit report and approval is much faster and easier.

Effective monitoring mechanism for ensuring the timely submission of Annual Financial Statements by Auditee Institutions.

Successful post audit tracking enabling the fastest tracking till closure.

Streamline system to plan, execute and close the audits on a time bound manner.

Target of Audits is easily achieved.

Core Modules

  • E-Submission
  • Audit Plan Preparation
  • Audit
  • Audit Report
  • First Reply
  • Further Action Report
  • Consolidated Audit Report
  • Audit Monitoring
  • Dashboards & Reports