Product Overview

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) under Department of Space is the premier agency in India, which conducts various Space Research programs. The organization has multiple establishments specializing in various activities located in different places in India. The Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Laboratory of the organization is based in Trivandrum, Kerala State. All parts which go into the assembling of a rocket are brought to the NDT lab in Trivandrum and tested through its life cycle before being finally assembled for launch of the vehicle.

The volume of data that is generated is very high during the testing process. This data is analyzed by experienced scientists and then cleared for the launch. It was noted that, the many long hours of a senior scientist’s time and effort are lost with the testing of one specific part. The observations of the scientists are not easily retrievable at a later date by a junior scientist who is then forced to go through the entire process.



QUEST is a software for the structured archival of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) data. The solution is a Knowledgebase for radiographic analysis. The skill and experience of users accumulated over the years can be captured into a Knowledgebase The solution, Quest, converts the data / observations / comments etc. of the senior scientists into categorized sections and stores it in a database. It is possible for junior scientists to go through the complete process when he / she is making an inspection in the absence of a senior scientist. The Knowledge based system that was implemented maintains the NDT data for the past 10 years. The knowledgebase will become a foundation on which the data generated subsequently will be captured. The software also has the provision for rule based analysis of defect data. In addition to the NDT data the knowledgebase is also capable of storing Radiographic Images, CAD Drawings etc.



Technologies Used

Server Operating System – Linux

Development Tools – Developer 2000

RDBMS – Oracle 8i

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