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Product Overview

As part of the Assam Governance and Public Resource Management Program (AGPRMP), the Government of Assam plans to implement an Integrated Government Financial Management Information System (IGFMIS).  IGFMIS involves the consolidation of information from multiple sources in various departments of the Government of Assam and also other agencies having financial transactions with the Government. IGFMIS has two major components viz. 1) Financial Management Information System (FMIS) and 2) Human Resources Management System (HRMS). 

In order to leverage the benefits of information technology the government aims at automating the key areas related to personnel affairs.



It is envisaged to implement a centralized Human Resources Management System for Government of Assam. Key areas are identified that are very much amenable for computerization. This would result in significant improvement in efficiency and transparency in the administration. The components considered for the envisaged HRMS are Recruitment Management, Employee Information Management, Leave Management, Training Management, Transfers & Postings Management, Promotions Management, Payroll Management, Performance & Appraisal Management, Competency & Skills Management.



Technologies Used

Framework - Struts1 Struts2

ORM - Hibernate and Ibatis

Webserver - Apache Tomcat

Others - XML AJAX JQuery

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