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KRAN's human-centric as against technology-centric approach has enabled it to get to the root of a client's problem quickly and effectively. KRAN has the ability to work closely with its clients to understand and accurately identify problem areas and suggest simple but effective solutions. The belief that technology is only a means to the solution and not the solution itself forms the essence of KRAN's work culture. The clients are guided through the implementation and integration processes and provided with the highest levels of training, support and on-site management. KRAN's focus has been on applications that are work-flow based and collaborative in nature. Recent projects have been designed and developed fully on open technologies and on three-tier architecture. Services offered:-

Kran believes that every organization is unique and therefore the solution needed will also be unique. It therefore works closely with the clients to create innovative systems that increase revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Kran uses a proven development methodology to deliver software projects on-time and within budget. Kran in close consultation with the user would draw up the detailed Software Requirement Specifications (SRS). It also uses the method of prototyping whenever the client is unable to clearly define the scope of work. The final software after extensive testing, debugging and clearance by the client is implemented by Kran at site. Kran personnel would be on-site for a fixed period to offer end user and administrator training. Wherever necessary technical personnel would be on-site to provide the initial handholding to the users to adapt to the new system. Once fully implemented, Kran Personnel would provide support on-site or through a dedicated call center depending on the terms of the contract.

KRAN offers IT Consultancy Services to organizations that face the problem of Business Process Reengineering. KRAN has the ability to study the problem areas and suggest cost effective, viable solutions that result in a significant improvement in efficiency. Solutions suggested by KRAN focus on practicality and long term sustenance. Reconciling the differences with the operations of a cutting edge IT consultancy and service company provided the challenge KRAN was looking for. KRAN found a niche market in Government. The last decade has been spent in consolidating and building credibility in the chosen field. KRAN's experience in Government has prepared the company to meet any eventuality and challenge of global market place. We believe that however powerful the Internet may become, however pervasive the virtual world may get, human instinct will always prevail. Our focus will therefore remain upon the human being. KRAN will strive to achieve excellence in each domain of human interface. KRAN will strive for excellence in leading-edge technologies.

Many early adopters of IT are now faced with the challenge of migrating their existing software application to new state of art technologies for various reasons. Also, they are faced with the issue of moving out of a time-tested solution to a new system without having the requisite skills for the same. KRAN provides various services of Porting and Migration of Legacy Applications to clients. A detailed strategy for redevelopment or porting of currently running software application to the new platforms are worked out in consultation with the client. The strategy would also cover the issues related to Porting of existing data, re-training needs of staff, administration issues etc

There is a need for software maintenance and support for software applications developed by third party vendors on expiry of the original contract period or when the services of the vendor does not meet the expectations of the client. KRAN has the ability to work closely with its clients to understand accurately identify problem areas and needs and thereby suggest simple but effective solution. The belief that technology is only a means to the solution and not the solution itself forms the essence of KRAN's work culture. KRAN can provide the service of Software Maintenance and Support of third party solutions deployed by the client. KRAN would study the software in detail and workout a plan for software maintenance and support.

Organizations which have adopted a phased policy of IT implementation have several disparate software modules implemented and used across the enterprise. Though these modules, having been developed over a period of time on diverse technologies, meet certain specific requirements, they do not provide the management with an integrated solution. It is therefore required to provide the top management with a common application with data and information drawn from diverse modules. KRAN has the ability and experience to provide EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) services. KRAN could in consultation with the client work out a detailed strategy for the migration from the existing application to the newly developed applications without impairing the existing work processes.

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